Flyer (english)


V.E.K.K.S., 1050, Zentagasse 26

Opening hours:
Mon: 15:00-20:00
Thu: 15:00-20:00
Fri: 15:00-20:00

How does the Free-Shop work?

You are welcome to take anything without bringing anything in exchange. You can also bring stuff you no longer need, but please make sure things are functioning and clean. We don't mind if you steal but please only steal stuff for your own use. So that everyone can participate, take-out is limited to three things per person per day.

Why do we run the Free-Shop?

The Free-Shop is no charity project and we are not paid social workers. As many others, we are not happy with the way things"normally" work.We think that competition, poverty and the need to sell (yourself) in order to be able to buy things are not the only principles a society can be based on. We want to show that there is an alternative and contribute to a different form of organising society.

Contact: info {@} umsonstladen {punkt} at

Dont Buy and Sell -
Give and Take!